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Disaster relief worldwide

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Disaster relief worldwide

Every year, flooding, earthquakes, violent conflicts and famine rob hundreds of thousands of people of their livelihoods. The Red Cross is always there, helping.

Natural disasters, crises or armed conflict. Hundreds of thousands of people worldwide are struggling merely to survive. Our teams are deployed all over the world to support people in need. The SRC emergency response teams distribute vital foodstuffs and drinking water, give protection and shelter and provide urgent medical assistance. We go wherever help is most urgently needed - thanks to your support. When extreme natural events occur, such as earthquakes, floods or tornadoes, minutes might mean the difference between life and death. So, our professionally trained teams are quick to deploy. As many as 10 times a year, they are out saving lives in Switzerland and abroad. Events such as the severe earthquake in Nepal, the devastating typhoon in the Philippines or dreadful storms in Switzerland. To ensure our teams can deploy immediately when such disasters occur, relief supplies need to be in stock, our emergency response teams need to be trained and at the ready, and logistics prepared to roll out. This takes our experience, all-round expertise, a worldwide network of partners - but also the support of people like you.

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