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Devastating explosion in Lebanon

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Devastating explosion in Lebanon

The Swiss Red Cross is on-site and working with the Lebanese Red Cross to help those injured in the 4 August disaster that devastated the port of Beirut in two explosions. Start your own fundraising campaign here as an expression of your solidarity with the people of Beirut.

The double explosion that struck Beirut port on 4 August left the city badly damaged: buildings in ruins, burnt-out cars, but above all dozens of dead and thousands of injured. The pictures reaching us are shocking. The Lebanese Red Cross has deployed all its medical personnel to assist the disaster victims.

Some 75 ambulances and 375 emergency medical teams have been sent to the city centre to rescue and treat the injured. First aid stations have been set up at various locations in the city to provide assistance as quickly as possible. In view of the huge demand, the Lebanese Red Cross has called on the population to give blood. Temporary shelters have been set up for affected families to receive food and hygiene kits.

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