About "ActNow Red Cross"

« We help until we are not longer needed.»

Beatrice Weber, Head of Disaster Relief at the Swiss Red Cross

About this platform

ActNow Red Cross is a peer donation platform for Red Cross supporters. Anyone can be a fundraiser and support their favorite cause in just 3 clicks! Individuals, groups, clubs or companies can start a campaign on behalf of their chosen Swiss Red Cross project by setting a goal and engaging their family, colleagues and friends to make a donation on their behalf. With just a few clicks you can set up, personalize and share your campaign and you are on the way to reaching your goal!

About us

The Swiss Red Cross is a non-profit relief organization that strives to prevent and alleviate human suffering in Switzerland and abroad. We protect the health, life and dignity of all people and promote the ability of individuals to help themselves and others. The Swiss Red Cross is a member of the worldwide Red Cross Red Crescent movement and operates under the fundamental principles which encourage respect for other human beings and a willingness to work together to find solutions to community problems. You can learn more about our work here: https://www.redcross.ch/de/node/63

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