Update #5
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Update #5

Matterhorn Ultraks!

August is always a special time for me.

This is when the Matterhorn Ultraks takes place in Zermatt.

This race is a part of the Skyrunner World Series with a course of 49 km, 3'600 meters of climb and 36'00 meters of descent.

A magical track! With a concentration of wild space and high mountains, an ideal course requiring one to combine speed and technique, whithout fearing the climb to 3'100m to Gornergrat, offering a panoramic view of the ever present Matterhorn.

The weather conditions this year were quite difficult with 3°C at the Gornergrat.

Despite this little "detail", I had a lot of fun running on the wild paths of Zermatt and playing at the foot of the majestic Matterhorn!

And it was with a huge smile that I crossed the finish line in a time of 07:47:42 and breaking at the same time my personal record of 6 minutes!

The next day was a beautiful day and apart from a little tiredness, I did not feel any pain or soreness.

It is with peace of mind that I prepare for the Skyrunning world championship in 3 weeks!

My race on strava: https://www.strava.com/activities/1796265291

Matterhorn Ultraks official page: http://matterhorn.ultraks.ch

Let them see the light, see me run across the sky!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your donations!

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Every ten seconds, one adult goes blind, one child every minute. Most of them lose their sight because they have no way to have their eyes examined and treated. A small operation has a big impact. 50 swiss francs per eye is enough to free people in Africa and Asia from cataracts.

On September 14th I start at the 2018 Skyrunning world championship in Kinlochlechen (Scotland)! The race will incorporate some of the best elements of the summits Britain’s highest mountain. The Salomon Ben Nevis Ultra course is 52 km, with 3,820m vertical climb.

I have the privilege to see the world and soon Scotland in all its beauty and would like to support people who do not have this opportunity.

Let them see the light, see me run across the sky!


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