Why am I campaigning for Disaster relief worldwide
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Cher tous,

La célébration officielle de mon anniversaire approche et je me réjouis de vous revoir. En fait, c'est le seul cadeau que je souhaite vraiment cette année!

Plutôt que des cadeaux, j’aimerais donc récolter des dons en faveur de personnes en détresse dans le monde, qui n'ont pas la chance que nous avons.

Un grand merci à l'avance pour votre soutien!

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Dear all,

My birthday celebration is coming up and I am looking forward to seeing you again. In fact, seeing you is the only gift I really want this year!

So instead of gifts, I would like to collect donations for people in need around the world who are not as fortunate as we are.

Thank you in advance for your support!


Disaster relief worldwide

Every year, flooding, earthquakes, violent conflicts and famine rob hundreds of thousands of people of their livelihoods. The Red Cross is always there, helping.

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Leda Calgeer
a month ago
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Jeff Hemmen
a month ago
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Caroline Wirion
a month ago
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Marc Sinner
a month ago
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Annemarie Hertner
a month ago
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Felicia Fehrentz
a month ago