Why am I campaigning for Disaster relief worldwide
Chers amis,

Plutôt que de recevoir des cadeaux pour mon anniversaire, j’aimerais récolter des dons en faveur des personnes en détresse.

Aidez-moi à atteindre mon objectif – ensemble pour un monde plus humain.

Un grand merci pour votre soutien!

Disaster relief worldwide

Every year, flooding, earthquakes, violent conflicts and famine rob hundreds of thousands of people of their livelihoods. The Red Cross is always there, helping.

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9 donations received

CHF 35
Valentine Vaslin
4 months ago
CHF 200
Andre Braga
4 months ago
CHF 40
Gwenolen Rouillé
4 months ago
CHF 35
Laurence Rassaby
«Happy birthday David! Thanks for the generous intiative that reflects your maturity and kindness 🫶»
4 months ago
CHF 65
Diana Damrau
«Bravo David et Happy Birthday!! Colyn et famille»
4 months ago
CHF 30
Mika Seetaram
4 months ago
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