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Schweizer Frauenlauf 2024

Fleissig am Trainieren für den Frauenlauf? Gib deinem Training noch mehr Sinn und starte deine Spendenaktion fürs SRK auf ActNow! Lauf gemeinsam mit anderen und unterstütze damit das SRK Menschen in Not zu helfen. Lade deine Freunde ein und bitte sie, deinen Lauf mit einer Spende zu unterstützen. Hast du dich schon angemeldet? SRK ActNow (, die Online-Plattform für partizipatives Fundraising des Schweizerischen Roten Kreuzes, ist 2024 wieder Partner des Frauenlaufs.

Fundraising campaign for your birthday

You are almost wishlessly happy and you don't really need any birthday gifts? With your own fundraising campaign you decide for which project the collected money will be used.

Fundraising campaign for my Jubilee

Wedding anniversaries or other important events in life are perfect for raising money for a good cause! With your own fundraising campaign you decide for which project the collected money will be used.

Your own fundraising campaign

Would you like to raise money for a school project? Are you facing a personal challenge for a cause you care about? it doesn't matter in which way you want to get involved in a good cause. Be creative and start your own fundraising campaign here!

Sport for a good cause

Do you run a marathon or do you swim across a Lake? - there are no borders. Enter your fundraising campaign here and help people in need!

Let us inspire you

Our favourite campaigns: not only creative but also successful.

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We are committed to these important projects.

Nothilfe Erdbeben Marokko

Am späten Abend des 8. September 2023 erschütterte ein Erdbeben der Stärke 6,8 die Bergregion des Hohen Atlas in Marokko, etwa 75 km südöstl...

Nothilfe Erdbeben in Syrien und der Turkei

Nach dem Erdbeben vom 6. Februar 2023 sind die humanitäre Bedürfnisse in Syrien und in der Turkei riesig. Hunderttausende Menschen sind in N...

Emergency assistance for Ukraine

There is an enormous need for humanitarian assistance in Ukraine and its neighbouring countries. Millions of people have had to flee their h...

Families in Switzerland

More than a million people in Switzerland are affected by poverty and living precarious lives. A quarter of them are children and teenagers....

Disaster relief worldwide

Every year, flooding, earthquakes, violent conflicts and famine rob hundreds of thousands of people of their livelihoods. The Red Cross is a...

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